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The Lone Sniper—Amy
Born in the postwar world, she was educated as a warrior not a peacekeeper. Execution is the only way she would use to solve problems. Although she is very cruel to her enemies, but as a former leader of Shelter, she''s very friendly to her followers.

The Arsenal—Jack

A merchant who was running the smuggling business between Earth and the extraterrestrial Colonies, he was wanted by the Colonies Government. While earning money, he has been transporting life necessities to people living on Earth. On one smuggling operation, his spacecraft was detected by the Colonies army and shot down, at last crashed to Earth. Now, he is the leader of Shelter.

The Matron—Elizabeth
The sexy head nurse spends her days dealing with the wounded in the most dangerous places on the battlefield, and occasionally gives a set of deadly care to the zombies with a defibrillator.

The Chainsaw Murderer—Sawheart
Tearing up zombies with a chainsaw is the right way to use a chainsaw, doesn''t it?

Mad Scientist—Hubert

He conducted various experiments to try to find out a vaccine against the zombie virus.